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UAV Driven

Survey Grade Mapping Solutions

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"Simply Amazing!"

  • 1-2cm Accuracy

  • Fraction of the time vs. conventional!

  • Fraction of the Cost!

  • Uneven, impenetrable and unsavory terrain is no match for UAV technology. 

Solar Panel Installation

Peregrinus Solutions LLC offers aerial mapping options that are tailored to meet each clients specific needs. We offer a UAV Survey Package that mounts to our Peregrinus Ifret 4 model & Ifret 8 model Multicopters and will also attach to our Fixed Wing Peregrinus Jann 

The GPS systems on most  drones are not accurate enough to provide results that are adequate for surveying or building purposes. Our specialized Peregrinus Solutions LLC Survey Package UAV's do however and provide 1-2cm accuracy using RTK GPS technology. 


Peregrinus Solutions LLC's UAVs and specially trained and FAA certified operators make surveying and mapping a snap. We offer training and support packages that are crafted to help users become FAA certified, highlight and instruct how to properly use each product's features.


UAV's offer huge cost & time savings for mapping and inspection in parks and open areas, golf course management, agricultural, construction/job-site, solar and electrical grids.  They produce highly accurate results in a fraction of time required using traditional methods.

If you would like in learn more about or capabilities please contact us today.

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Installation Power Buggy Rental
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