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Lead Software Engineer. Jahn Veach.

Jahn has over a decade of experience in the software industry. His previous roles include Software Architect and Senior Data Engineer at early stage companies in Austin, TX and Washington, DC.

Director of Sales and Marketing. Micah Thompson.

Micah is experienced in startup businesses previously focused in foods ranging from a food truck in college to a plant based alternative meat start up in Costa Rica.

Business Development Manager. Brian Wagner.

Brian will be developing and leveraging his personal relationships, specifically in the Upstate New York region, along with his professional knowledge, as a financial analyst, to help steer business decisions in a productive direction.

platformstand straight down 9-6-18 1111.

Peregrinus Solutions LLC Leadership Team

The Vision Behind a Paradigm Shift in Autonomous Robotics

Founder and President. Christian Seemann.
Christian specializes in unconventional engineering, targeting markets with problems that aren't easily solved by existing out-of-the-box solutions. Drawing from his broad technical and business background, he has experience working with international supply chains as well as local and in house fabrication. In addition to Peregrinus, his business experience includes an LED solar cell start up, the management of multiple family run operations, and an MBA from Nova Southeastern University.

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