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Piasa - Lighter Than Air Autonomous Ship

(Compatible with Tether System - Removes FAA Part 107 Requirement)

The Piasa Lighter than Air Autonomous Ship combines the solar power generation & autonomous technology with lighter than air craft for unprecidented loiter and flight times over the area of interest. Pairing with tether allows owners of the Piasa to enjoy the benefits of autonomous technology with minimal operator training, while bypassing the FAA's Part 107 Commercial UAV Certification Requirement and without the cost of hiring a drone service provider.

"Amazing! New Advancement in Construction Site Management"

The Piasa Lighter than Air Craft drastically improves range through extended flight times.  Excellent for surveillance of vast areas or transportation of supplies.

Combine with Peregrinus Raptor Eyes - Smart Vision Object Detection and Tracking System for the ultimate in Covert Autonmous Tracking Solutions.

Highlighted Applications:

  • Wildlife Conservation & Management

  • Surveillance of Sensitive Sites (inquire for novel covert - surveillance product packages).

Floating Tether with Rotary Auto Retreive

Our Peregrinus Solutions LLC Rotary Mounted Tether system utilizes our unique Float System composed of Lighter Than Air Bobbers positioned every 6 meters (approximately every 20') along the high strenght - light weight spun kevlar tether.

These 'bobbers' hold the tether above the ground allowing it to flow behind the UAV without tangling or snagging on ground based objects.


In the unlikely event of a malfunction, the operator only needs to engage the rotary spool to automatically retract the tether and retreive UAV.

Use of our tether system eliminates need for Pilot to pocess a FAA Part 107 Certification for Commercial UAV operation.  Drastically reduces learning curve and shortens training time before an organization can begin enjoying all of the many benefits provided by UAV based sensors.

Sensor Options & Uses:


  • Thermal & Visual Imagining

All drone's and autonomous vehicles produced by Peregrinus Solutions LLC are Hand Assembled in the USA in our factory, affectionately refer to as "The Nest." Then tested, tested, and tested again at our 136 acre facility nestled in the pastoral rolling hills just south of Syracuse, NY; complete with miles of FPV trails.  We take care of all the complicated set up allowing our customers to start flying almost immediately. You can spend your time working with it, instead of on it!

Whether your completely new to drones or a seasoned pro, we offer a wide range of Ground School and Flight Instruction Courses to suit your needs. Membership options allow for regular access to our FPV Tracks/Shinrin Yoku Trails and our training fields.

"The Links at Shamrock Lakes" - FPV and Shinrin Yoku Trails allow pilots to hone their skills over a wide variety of natural course structures, or relax among the many species of hardwood and coniferous tree species or 9 bodies of water spread throughout the grounds. Group rates are available for company team, law enforcement, public safety training and memberships.

Those seeking to assist with our "Young Falcons: Teaching Today's Youth & Tomorrow's Leader's to Soar" educational summer program for local underprivileged youth, but open to all children, should email: for additional information. We would love to hear from you!

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