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Ifret Heavy Lift Multirotor Series

Behold and harness the mythical power of Ifret Series! "Your wish is it's command."
The ultimate in professional use drones/UAVs! Range of lift capacities allows for complete customization of Peregrinus Solutions LLC payload options and accessories. "Hot swap" battery tray and payload attachment systems save end users time in the field when changing batteries or sensor options.  Custom UAV design & manufacturing services available, inquire for details.
Current Models:
4 Rotor Heavy Lift UAV's
Ifret 4 - Heavy Lift (25-30lb AUW Capacity) 285KV motors, 22" folding propellers.
Ifret 4X - Ultra Heavy Lift (105-130lb AUW Capacity), 4 - 100KV motors, 30" folding propellers.
Ifret 8 - Heavy Lift (50-55lb AUW Capacity), 8 - 285KV motors, 22" folding propellers.
Ifret 8X - Ultra Heavy Lift (50-65lb AUW Capacity) - 100KV motors, 30" folding propellers.
For the ultimate in quality, service and reliability, choose Peregrinus Solutions LLC.
Combine either with our rugged 3 axis gimbal system for the ultimate in sensor control. Peregrinus Solutions LLC's Thermal Imagining UAV's are all fitted with cutting edge FLIR Duo Pro R's. This allows us to provide GPS tagged thermal images with per pixel level temperature reading accuracy. Our mapping and surveying equipped UAVs are standard equipped with RTK based GPS systems for centimeter level accuracy levels. 

All drone's and autonomous vehicles produced by Peregrinus Solutions LLC are Hand Assembled in the USA in our factory, affectionately refer to as "The Nest." Then tested, tested, and tested again at our 136 acre facility nestled in the pastoral rolling hills just south of Syracuse, NY; complete with miles of FPV trails.  We take care of all the complicated set up allowing our customers to start flying almost immediately. You can spend your time working with it, instead of on it!

Whether your completely new to drones or a seasoned pro, we offer a wide range of Ground School and Flight Instruction Courses to suit your needs. Membership options allow for regular access to our FPV Tracks/Shinrin Yoku Trails and our training fields.

"The Links at Shamrock Lakes" - FPV and Shinrin Yoku Trails allow pilots to hone their skills over a wide variety of natural course structures, or relax among the many species of hardwood and coniferous tree species or 9 bodies of water spread throughout the grounds. Group rates are available for company team, law enforcement, public safety training and memberships.

Those seeking to assist with our "Young Falcons: Teaching Today's Youth & Tomorrow's Leader's to Soar" educational summer program for local underprivileged youth, but open to all children, should email: for additional information. We would love to hear from you!

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