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Autonomous Germicidal UV-C Sanitizing Products Designed for Americans and Manufactured in Syracuse, NY, USA

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DaywalkER never gets tired,  never misses a spot by accident and it can't get sick.


Its always hunting and DaywalkER won't stop until Mission Complete or you command it.



"Peregrinus Solutions perfectly pairs cutting edge robotics & autonomous vision systems with time tested and proven germicidal fluorescent light tech."


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"Like what what you see with the Lights Off?

Well Y'all need to avert Ya Eyes from my LIGHTS when they're switched On or you're gonna get BURNT.

Focus on my Amazing APP to prevent being blinded by this Awesomeness!"

DaywalkER & DaywalkER JR.: Emergency Response -  HVAC Plenum and Duct Inserts, Portable Air and Surface Disinfecting Stations.

UL Recognized Products Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.


Autononous UV Sanitizing Robots & Portable Room/Enclosed Space Air Sanitizer-CO Detector during testing.


Have your organization contact us today to find out how We can Help You!

We want to you and your organization get back to work & your children return to school safely.



DaywalkER sanitizes entire offices & classrooms, subway cars, buses, etc in as little as an 10 minutes with a single remote operator. When the current location has been sanitized, the DaywalkER advances to the next location to continue sanitizing until the mission is completed. A report will automatically be generated when finished.

The DaywalkER's sole purpose:

       Killing pathogens like the Corona Virus.

       Hobbies: Long Rove's, Shining Bright,        

                         & Chewing Bubble Gum.

Short Phone Call or Email Away

Built NY Tough in Syracuse

Sanitizing Solutions

07-22-2020 Daywalker JR Autonomous Germi
07-22-2020 Daywalker JR. Autonomous Germ


Rover JR.

HVAC Plenum Insert

07-22-2020 Daywalker HVAC Insert Autonom

Specifically designed to answer Governor Cuomo's call for help disinfecting the New York Transit Authority's NYC subway cars and buses when the pandemic first began. Autonomous Room and Space Disinfection - All Terrain/Stair Capable Options Available. Trains, Planes, Subways, Buses, Schools, Offices, Grocery & Retail, Arenas, Etc.

DaywalkER Rover's Light Weight & Fully Functional yet Smaller Germicidal Sibling - Fits in Tight Spaces - All Terrain/Stair Capable Options Available. Trains, Planes, Subways, Buses, Schools, Offices, Grocery & Retail, Etc.

Easy Installation to existing HVAC Systems. 90% deduction in energy costs when compared to HVAC system with MERV#12 filters and no UVC when compared to UVC Disinfecting System and MERV#6 filtraation combination. Greater savings when pairing UVC with lower MERV # filters.

Disinfect the air in your building or enclosed space with 85% first pass killing efficiency and over 99% reduction in microorganisms within 24 hours.

Per ASHRAE 2019 Handbook UVC Disinfecting Section

CO Detection with Mobile Alerts.

Easy Install with Plug and Play Cord, Motion Detection for added user safety. Bulb Low Lifetime Change Warning

In-Duct Insert -

Room Specific Protection where you need it most.


85% Single Pass Disinfection (99% reduction within 24 hours) of supply and return air to specific rooms.

Peace of mind that your immune compromised relative will be extra safe and that anyone stuck in their bedroom for quarantine won't get the whole house sick just by breathing.


Air Handler

07-24-2020 Daywalker Portable Air Cleane

Disinfects & Circulates the Air in Smaller Enclosed Spaces: Vehicle Cabin & Cockpit Areas, Offices, Cubicles, Waiting Rooms, Classrooms, Student Desks, Locker Rooms, Trains, Planes, Subways, Buses, Etc.

Tool &


Disinfecting Case

All the Germicidal UVC Disinfecting Power of our other DaywalkER Products packed into a convenient size container. Safe Disinfection of: Tools, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Utensils, Cosmetics, Etc.

Your Personal Carry Permit to Help Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe All The Time, Anywhere: On The Go - In The Office - Lap Bench - Workshop - Classroom


Vehicle: Cabin & Cargo Areas

Perfect for Disinfecting Aircraft and Auto Rental Vehicles & Test Drives: After return for workers & prior to the next customer for optimal safety & client satisfaction - Allows Deliver Drivers to Disinfect Cargo/Trunk Items en route.

  • DaywalkER's High Wattage Germicidal 254nm Primary Emission Wavelength UVC Disinfecting Light makes it a deadly Corona Virus killing machine.

  • Germicidal UVC light is perfect for killing viruses, allergens and molds in the air and on surfaces.

  • All Products come Standard with a Carbon Monoxide Detection & Alert System for Added Safety.

We want to help all Americans and Global Citizens stay safe!


Please contact us today and find out how to take the next step in protecting the people you care about.

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We want everyone to benefit from the amazing Germicidal UVC Sanitizing Power of DaywalkER. many options for our santizing products and services are available. Contact us today to find out how we can help your organization employ DaywalkER's Corona Virus/Covid19 Killing UV Power.


When it comes to Viruses, Allegens, Molds Daywalker always says to,

Are You in?

"Smoke 'Em"

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