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Peregrinus Squadron:

Free Youth Education Program

The Peregrinus Squadron or "Peregrinus Squad" is a program that we are developing in collaboration with Shamrock Lakes Shinrin Yoku: A Forest Bathing Oasis. Hope that by exposing todays youth to the wonders of aviation, science, technology and nature, it will foster a love of learning and healthy respect for the environment that lasts a lifetime and leads to many exciting opportunities. This program will be open to all youth from the community, but it will be primarily focused on the helping those who are less fortunate. It is our hope that by inspiring future generations, we can help usher in a new era of improved safety and general quality of life.

farm front lake pat christian barn 10-20

'Learn to Earn Your "wings" Here'

Peregrinus Squadron educational program takes place on the Shamrock Lakes Shinrin Yoku property and participants will learn hands on applications of the principles of flight, earth science concepts, conservation and ecology.

Course Highlights:

-Principles of Flight with Hands on Demonstrations

-Electronics & Wiring Instruction

-Soldering Lessons

-Basics of CNC Machining & 3D Printing

-UAV (Drone) Flight Lessons

-Fishing/Aquatic Creature Learning Sessons

-Guided Nature Walks with Mediation Instruction

-How you help improve your environment. Includes the concepts of: "Starting small is better than not at all" and that large seemingly unattainable tasks are much easier when broken down into small steps. Many hands make light work, if we all help a little bit we can make a huge difference. Being a Jack of All Trades is Better than a Master of None.

If you or someone you know would like help or join the Peregrinus Squadron educational program please contact us today.

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