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Combating COVID19

With Autonomous Technology - The Future is Now!

Empower yourself and Others: Learn how to 3D Print your own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Click the DaywalkER Logo above to find out about DaywalkER: Emergency Response Autonomous UV-C Sanitizing Products for killing Coronavirus.

Learn how to 3D Print Reusable Respirator Masks for yourself, family, friends and helping essential workers who need them by following our playlists.



Tourniquet band material makes terrific strap material when cut lengthwise.

Do you wish you had more effective personal protection for you and your loved ones?

Can't find it in stores or online?

Is it too expensive to buy if you do find it?

Do you want to scream in frustration?

We feel your pain and are here to help.

Soon you will be able to take a deep breath and relax because you can help improve your own personal safety and protect the people you care about.

You'll feel more Patriotic too! Red, White & Blue, Same colors as the Bills and the Flag!


"Go from ZERO (3D Printing Experience) to Mask Making HERO!"

Learn how to 3D Print your own Reusable Respiratory  Masks here by watching this playlist.

Keep track of the latest developments on 3D Printed Respirators for our Healthcare & Other Essential Workers.


The general public needs effective protection too and 3D printed masks can help fill the mask shortage and cut down on waste. Go into the Future and Go Green by 3D printing respiratory masks to help out YOUR Community!

Peregrinus Instructional Youtube Playlists:


Simple Materials can be used to make the straps and retainer for the front cover.

Rubber Bands and Hair Elastics would great in a pinch.

FREE 3D Printed Mask Files:

Latest 3D Printable Version of these Masks.

Suggested Settings: PETG, Extruder Temp 235-240C, Bed Temp 73C, 20% Infill, No Cooling, 60mm speed

Atomic Filament (Products Also Made In The USA, just like ours).

Now with Free Shipping within the US.

They are helping healthcare and essential workers too.

Make the Masks Website (Original Mask Designers)

IMG_20200504_184531246.jpg contains fit testing & legal information pertaining to various states.


We took this mask design and modified it by increasing the size of the strap attachment holes.

We also designed a special adapter, based on hospital and healthcare worker feedback, which accepts NIOSH & FDA Approved 3M Filter Discs.


If you already have a Montana Mask and don't mind the existing strap options, you can print out our adapter pieces only (Parts 2, 3 & 4 on Thingiverse) and follow our instructions on how to add the adapter to your Montana mask.

These masks are designed to accept NIOSH & FDA approved 4.3" Diameter 3M Filter Discs, but HEPA Filter Material from the local hardware store provides makes a great filter if NIOSH & FDA approved media is not available.

We are currently accepting donations for purchasing PETG 3D printing filament from Atomic Filament.

Please contact your local news media, high schools, colleges and libraries to see if they have 3D printers that can be used to print as many of these masks as possible.


Contact to help.

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