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Autonomous Germicidal UV-C Sanitizing Products Designed for Americans and Manufactured in Syracuse, NY, USA

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Peregrinus Solutions LLC DaywalkER Germi
Peregrinus Solutions LLC DaywalkER Germi

DaywalkER & DaywalkER JR.: Emergency Response -  Autononous UV Sanitizing Robots & Portable Room/Enclosed Space Air Sanitizer-CO Detector during testing. Have your organization contact us today to find out how We can Help You!

We want to you and your organization get back to work & your children return to school safely.


"Peregrinus Solutions perfectly pairs cutting edge robotics & autonomous vision systems with time tested and proven modern fluorescent light tech."



DaywalkER sanitizes entire offices & classrooms, subway cars, buses, etc in as little as an 10 minutes with a single remote operator. When the current location has been sanitized, the DaywalkER advances to the next location to continue sanitizing until the mission is completed. A report will automatically be generated when finished.

  • DaywalkER never gets tired, its never misses a spot by accident and it can't get sick; its always hunting and it won't stop until you command it.

  • The DaywalkER's sole purpose: killing pathogens like the Corona Virus.

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We want everyone to benefit from the amazing Germicidal UVC Sanitizing Power of DaywalkER. many options for our santizing products and services are available. Contact us today to find out how we can help your organization employ DaywalkER's Corona Virus/Covid19 Killing UV Power.

Are you in?

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