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A message from our founder:


I'd like to provide you, the reader, with a little background information on our name: Perigrinus Solutions. The Perigrine Falcon, or Falco Perigrinus, long considered a symbol of celestial and aerial power, is found on almost every continent and is know worldwide for it's exceptional vision, speed, skill and spirit. At Peregrinus Solutions we strive to live up to our namesake by providing our customers with unequaled, cutting edge technology and knowledge of our craft, with the ability to think outside the box.

Our success and the success is derived from this ability to view every situation from a different perspective than our competition, and find solutions that no one else sees.

At Peregrinus Solutions we believe that we are all global citizens and universal stakeholders. Consequently we continually strive to be as efficient as possible by focusing on solutions that provide long term benefits, not just for our company, employees and our customers, but all stakeholders involved directly or indirectly with our organization. Our emphasis is on the 100 year business goals and not the the 100 hour ones, and combine this philosophy with a relentless pursuit of cutting edge technology, knowledge and skills to provide superior solutions with incredible efficiency through the latest technology and processes. This allows us to cut waste without sacrificing results or the well-being of our employees.

In addition to our current offerings we're researching and developing several cutting edge drone technologies that will be absolutely game changing, not just for the drone industry, but for the world.


I believe that we are all equal and all lives do matter. This is the culture I have fostered and instilled at Peregrinus Solutions LLC. We are all global citizens so let's start acting like it by making the world a better place one connection at a time.

If this sounds appealing to you and you would like to become involved, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

Best wishes,


Christian Seemann, Founder of Peregrinus Solutions LLC

Peregrinus Solutions LLC's mission is to use autonomous technology to make the world a better place. This includes assisting those who's livelihoods have been affected by the rise of automation. We include Free training for Basic Operations  with all new purchases of Peregrinus Solutions LLC products and a plethora of other classes for advanced drone and accessory training. If your organizing is purchasing autonomous technology please look into retraining these employees to use this new force multiplier.

southern valley farm 9-6-18 1i.png

"Employees, Our Most Valuable Resources & Autonomous Technology: Force Multiplier of the Future!"

Quality employees are our most valuable resources who know our companies best; combine them with autonomous products and services from Peregrinus and the possibilities are truly amazing!

If you're honest, have a positive attitude and willingness to learn, we offer free training programs to all of our employees and are always looking for new Peregrinus Teammates who want to soar. Contact us when you're ready to start your journey to a brighter future!

Aviation Pedigree

Central New York has long played an integral role in the development of flight and aviation technology. Peregrinus Solutions LLC's world headquarters are located in the heart of gorgeousness Central New York, just outside Syracuse, NY and its beautifully updated Hancock International Airport and 174th NYANG Attack Wing. We are proud of our  heritage & strive to continue honor that vision by pushing the boundaries in aviation with our novel and revolutionary drone based solutions in the healthcare, search and rescue, military and government applications for the betterment of society as a whole. Come join us in our paradigm shift and help usher in a new era of Drone Based innovation and  technological development emanating from central New York and  having worldwide influence. Let's make our forefathers and our great grandchildren proud of what we accomplish today and plan for tomorrow!

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