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Peregrinus Solutions LLC: Aerial Thermal & Visual Imaging (ATI) Inspection Program

We'll supply a Part 107 Certified Inspection Team to your operation or supply a custom solution utilizing our state of the art equipment and training to best suit your organization's needs.

Whether its Solar Array, Wind Turbine, Large Commercial Roof or other inspections where is would be safer or faster to send a drone instead of a person, Peregrinus Solutions LLC has you covered.

PS LLC's Drone based Thermal Imaging solutions allow for rapid overflight of large solar farms and early detection of potential problems without physically touching the solar panels or equipment.

Many of our customers need inspections of their vertical structure for insurance purposes or maintenance. Our UAV's with thermal imaging capabilities also benefit wind turbine operations. Our UAVs are able to scan and record visual and thermal images all the external surfaces at the same time. Increased heat in one area may indicate excess wear of moving components inside the Nacelle or a wind turbine or a malfunctioning section of a solar panel. Potential problems can be visualized through increased heat energy and almost allows our customers to see into the future and fix issues before they result in further damages, additional time and costs. Saving time and money during the inspection and through the ability to perform preventative maintenance before failure and increased repair costs and down time is a win win for everyone involved.

We will work with you to develop a drone based inspection solution that meets your specific needs whether its a one time inspection program or reoccurring inspection package.

Implementing an ATI Program results in tremendous cost savings in multiple areas & dramatically reducing inspector risk.

ATI's are 75-85% Faster & 75-85% Cheaper

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How do Airborne Thermal Imaging (ATI) Inspections work?

Excessive heat energy in mechanical devices such as wind turbines or more passive structures like solar arrays can indicate a catastrophic ticking time bomb in your equipment. Detecting these hidden early warning signs is possible and now more affordable & faster than ever using Aerial Thermal Imaging (ATI).  ATI is a crucial tool for allowing you to find & make necessary repairs before they result in major malfunctions & shutdowns.

Our Thermal Inspection UAVs are each equipped with a 4K 12MP visual & NIR spectrum camera & an infrared camera providing high image sensitivity and accuracy in a 640×480 radiometric image. Producing radiometric images allows us to determine the surface temperature any given pixel which is also linked to a highly accurate GPS coordinate (we also offer an RTK GPS Based Surveying Option that produces 1-2cm level accuracy). By comparing to the visual camera we determine if potential problems require work by a repair technician or are a hot spot caused by bird droppings that will be washed away by the rain.

How does implementing a Peregrinus Solutions LLC's ATI Program result in tremendous savings for your organization? 

Saving Lives by allowing inspectors to remain on the ground & a safe distance away from hazardous conditions rather than the traditional method of using ropes and a harness to traverse the exterior of a wind turbine's nacelle and blades or inspecting flare stacks, topsides, under decks, splash zones for the oil and gas industries. Lowering injury rates & insurance costs.

Saving Time what previously required a inspector with a handheld detector on foot, setting up complex & dangerous ropes and scaffolding, or helicopters days or weeks now may only take part of a day with a thermal imaging equipped Peregrinus UAV.

Saving Money by taking advantage of this amazing new technology you will receive fast, accurate, and cost effective results that are extremely reliable.  Allowing for significant cost savings on many fronts. Identifying potential problems allowing for preventative maintenance to correct the issue before  substantial damage or temporary shut down occurs. Water and mold damage results in $2.5 billion in damages each year in the US and most of it occurs before the leak can be detected using conventional methods. Peregrinus Solutions LLC's ATI Inspections quickly survey a large areas of commercial roofing properties. Areas with water intrusion that are invisible to the naked eye will be clearly recognizably to an properly trained inspector using ATI. We recommend developing an annual or more frequent inspection program using our specially trained and FAA certified UAV operators implementing our latest and specialized Peregrinus UAVs. We also offer a training programto education organizations and inspectors on proper UAV operation and our UAV systems. Being proactive will allow you to fix a small leak before you might even know its there, before it becomes a huge expensive problem by finding out about a roof leak after months of water saturating into insulation and ceiling material when smelly and potentially moldy water begins dripping into your workspace or worse causes a partial ceiling collapse!

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