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We provide Defense Solutions for Your Home and The Homeland
Ultraviolet-C Air and Surface Disinfection - Custom Autonomous Terrestrial & Aerial Surveillance Network Design & Implementation

Are You and your loved ones protected from the Virus? Is your Home, School, Dorm, Restaurant, Hotel, Office?


You need a body-guard!

DaywalkER Ultraviolet-C

Custom, compact, quiet, light-weight, heavy-lift capacity: Aquatic, Terrestrial, Lighter Than Air (LTA), Rotor-Craft, and Fixed Wing Surveillance and Special Application Autonomous Vehicles.
Peregrine Airport and Sensitive Site Protective Network:
"Speak softly and carry a big stick," with 24/7/365 passive autonomous surveillance and active protection countermeasures when you need them.

What is DaywalkER Ultraviolet-C?

  • Hospital grade disinfecting technology and equipment for the people, without the Crazy Sky-High Healthcare Cost!

  • Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) technology is proven and effective at disinfecting the air and surfaces quickly and effectively. It does not require chemicals and only takes a few seconds for the light to disinfect everything it touches in a room or vehicle. Unfortunately it has been very expensive and relatively unknown outside of hospitals and niche industries until now; DaywalkER is here!

  • We created DaywalkER to suit the needs of our customers: DaywalkER UV-C products are designed to save you time, money, recurring cleaning chemical expenses and exposure to you, your loved ones, staff, and patrons.

  • One Unit for All Disinfecting Applications: Each DaywalkER unit accepts various accessory packages.

  • DaywalkER and Accessory Packs provide outstanding and effective disinfecting power for your:

    • Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation System,

    • Vehicle Cabin Air and/or Room/Enclosed Space Air disinfection.

    • Common Area surfaces, Work surfaces, Tools, Equipment, Delicate Clothing, Food, Groceries

    • Restaurant & Bar,, Office, Classroom, Gym Air & Equipment, Car Dealerships & Test Drives, Car Rental, Car Valet, Food Delivery services, Rental Properties,

    • Acupuncture & Pressure, Massage, Chiropractic, Dental, Orthodontic, Optometry Facilities & Studios.

  • Designed and Made in the U.S.A. by Americans who are paid greater than a  sustainable wage so they may have autonomy over, and live their best lives.

  • Once you Go Blue, You will never go back to the Dark Ages of spending hours of backbreaking labor disinfecting surfaces with traditional means that repeatedly expose you, or people you care about to hazardous chemicals which cause known health problems.

  • Present Protection: over 526,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, millions more will suffer from lifelong complications, and it is still a threat.

  • Future Protection: Chemical and Antibiotic Resistant Diseases and "Super-Bugs" are a real and looming threat to our future, but UV-C destroys these along with exposed: viruses, bacteria, spores, mold, allergens, small pests: flea eggs & larvae, bedbugs.

  • DaywalkER Ultraviolet-C disinfecting products save you time and money, while delivering superior disinfecting performance over traditional chemical means.

  • We want everyone to benefit from the awesome power provided by our DaywalkER Ultraviolet-C Disinfecting Products and accessories.

    • We have price reduction programs, incentives, and are working with charitable organizations to make DaywalkER  affordable to all Americans.

    • If  your car, plane, hotel, home, school,  place of work, or recreation needs a DaywalkER, PLEASE Contact us today!

The HVAC Problem:

Let's face it, most commercial and residential HVAC systems were designed for maximum efficiency, not filtering out microscopic  pathogens like SARS-CoV2, the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic.

The blower motors in these systems are not stong enough to run MERV #13 filters mandated for protection against COVID-19 by the CDC.

The cost to upgrade to  and operate a MERV#13 system is prohibitive; 10X's that of a  comparable UVC system in energy costs alone, Installation and Maintainence expenses are far greater! Per ASHRAE 2019 Handbook.

The Solution:

DaywalkER HVAC Inserts - Contact us today for more information.

DaywalkER Ultraviolet-C Disinfecting Product Suite
"A light in the Darkness, when you need it most"

We Can Do this America!!!